Computations with Imprecise Parameters in Engineering Design: Background and Theory

Kristin L. Wood and Erik K. Antonsson

ASME Journal of Mechanisms, Transmissions, and Automation in Design
Volume 111, Number 4 (December 1989), Pages 616-625.


A technique to perform design calculations on imprecise representations of parameters has been developed and is presented. The level of imprecision in the description of design elements is typically high in the preliminary phase of engineering design. This imprecision is represented using the fuzzy calculus. Calculations can be performed using this method, to produce (imprecise) performance parameters from imprecise (input) design parameters. The Fuzzy Weighted Average technique is used to perform these calculations. A new metric, called the gamma-level measure, is introduced to determine the relative coupling between imprecise inputs and outputs. The background and theory supporting this approach are presented, along with one example.